Technical Details: Datasheet diamond burnishing internal plane surfaces

Diamond burnishing tool for internal machining of flat surfaces

Application Internal machining of flat surfaces
Standard fixture cylindrical shank from Ø 16

Application parameters

Please note that this information represents standard values which must be adapted to the individual cases.

Speed up to 50 m/min; Speeds are calculated from the circumferential speed, referred to the largest Ø
Feed rate 0,05 mm/rev.
Workpiece allowance up to 0,01 mm
Tool preload up to 1 mm
Lubrication Emulsion oder Öl; eine Filterung des Schmiermediums (<40 µm) kann die Oberflächenqualität und die Lebensdauer des Werkzeuges verbessern
Pre-machining of workpiece Roughness depth up to Rz 8 µm
Maximum hardness of workpiece 45 HRC


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Diamond burnishing tool for internal machining of flat surfaces:

Shape bound tool for smoothening and strain hardening of plane surfaces.



  • Simple to use
  • Compact design available for machines with limited tool space
  • Universally applicable
  • Tolerance compensation through spring-loaded design
  • Changeable diamond insert
  • Cost-effective/ low investment