Beading and crimping tools for machining battery cells

Forming Process of battery cells with beading and crimping tools

Baublies develops tools for the forming and machining of battery cells in the field of e-mobility by beading and crimping.

Colibri: Diamond burnishing tools in compact format

Perfect finish for sophisticated Workpieces

Small, fine and in excellent Baublies quality: these are the new burnishing tools that we have developed especially for filigree applications. We have optimized our many years of knowhow in diamond burnishing for the machining of small precision parts and thin-walled workpieces in a compact form.

The Shining Finish

Forming process fastens cutting parts

The mixing blade in Vorwerk's Thermomix combines the Support Disc and the grinding blades with the screwed-on and tumble-mounted M6 nut. The sheet metal cap has been flanged in two seconds which conforms the construction for use with foodstuff and is also dishwasher safe.

Diamond compacted reliably

Optimized Fittings Thanks to Baublies AG and MPA Stuttgart

For the sealing of moving spindles in casing or housing feedthroughs of power plant fittings, so-called stuffing boxes are used - more precisely stuffing box packings. How the emission rate of These safety-relevant density elements can be optimized was the focus of an AiF / VGB-supported Research project of the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) Stuttgart. To this end, the research team used various surface coatings and treatments. Among other things, the rolling process of Baublies AG, located in Renningen, was examined during the Project.