Our Background

For almost 50 years Baublies AG has been one of the few companies specializing in roller burnishing technology. Through constant innovation and in close cooperation with our customers from all over the world, we have been able to build up extensive know-how. Both our products and our consulting and development services enjoy an excellent reputation among international experts.

Technology and development

Roller burnishing is a highly efficient and future-oriented process for optimizing metal surfaces. We deliver innovative and sophisticated solutions of excellent quality, developed with a creative approach and the claim to offer the user maximum economy and durability.


Within the company we create the conditions for the development of first-class roller burnishing tools by maintaining an appreciative and collegial approach, promoting the qualifications of our employees and keeping the enthusiasm for innovation alive. In addition, we cooperate with universities and thus maintain a close integration of current theory and proven practice.


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How our customers benefit

We offer users of our roller burnishing tools a wide range of standardized and tailor-made solutions. The well-engineered design down to the smallest detail and a large in-house manufacturing range make it possible to provide customers with durable precision tools of the highest quality. All production processes are certified and subject to a complete quality control. To enable the user to minimize set-up times, we pay attention to simple handling and quick tool changes.


As an additional service we offer our customers workshops and seminars. There, interested users can learn how to achieve optimum productivity when using roller burnishing technology.


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"Our customers benefit from our products tailored to their needs. With our tooling systems and machines, we not only offer the best technical solutions, but also a partnership-based and trustworthy collaboration with qualified and reliable employees."

Andreas Hadler, CEO of Baublies AG


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.